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Aquila International Services Limited (“Aquila”) has a place of business in London and can act as an agent for overseas companies who have entered into legal agreements governed by the laws of England and Wales that contain provisions relating to the service of notice.

Why is a Process Agent Necessary?

A process agent is usually required if a party to a legal agreement is not based within England and Wales. With no address within England any court proceedings that may be necessary would have to be served outside the jurisdiction of the English courts and this can be a lengthy, complicated and expensive process. As a result, the party based in England will usually require the entity with no English address to appoint a process agent to act on their behalf and take delivery of any court documentation that may be required.

By appointing Aquila to act on your behalf for the service of process you will have the self-assurance that you have a reliable agent in England who will ensure that any letters or documents that are received on your behalf will be immediately acted upon and forwarded to you (and/or your advisors) as instructed by you.

What We Do

As there are often obligations to respond to the service of proceedings within a pre-determined time which is specified by the Courts, it is therefore vitally important, that a process agent can act quickly and efficiently.

We provide a process of service for all types of agreements, including but not limited to:

    • Loan Agreements
    • Leasing Agreements
    • Inter-creditor Agreements
    • ISDA Master Agreements
    • Global Master Repurchase Agreementsand Global Master Stock Lending Agreements
    • Facility Agreements
    • Custody Agreements

There is no restriction on the duration of an appointment. Additionally, we can also offer special rates for multiple group companies who all need a process agent as part of the same set of documentation.

How to Appoint Aquila

To keep the process as simple as possible for you, Aquila only requires a short and uncomplicated appointment agreement to be completed by you. The electronic form below can be used to do so.

All you will need is the duration of your appointment and the relevant contact details for insertion into the Appointment Agreement. The completed agreement should be emailed to Aquila will then finalise the appointment as quickly as you need it.

However, if you prefer, you can always contact one of our team who will be more than happy to assist you with the process: +44 0 207 887 1937.

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Aquila provides a reliable, efficient and competitively priced service which is provided through a team of trained personnel who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Pricing can be provided on request and tailored specifically to your needs.

Contact Details

For details of our terms and conditions of business and charges, please contact a member of our team at:

2nd Floor,
Berkeley Square House,
Berkeley Square,
London W1J 6BD